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 European Nightjar  Caprimulgus europaeus


  Sonogram of European Nightjar song

Surrey, England  30 June 2013  22:13

Territorial churring song from sandy heathland with pines.

[File name: nightjar111670ecut1]

    European Nightjar1


  Sonogram of European Nightjar wing-clapping

Surrey, England  30 June 2013  22:14

Territorial churring song followed by wing-clapping display flight.

[File name: nightjar111670ecut2]

    European Nightjar2


  Sonogram of European Nightjar calls

Surrey, England  30 June 2013  21:19

Calls from a male in flight.

[File name: nightjar111665e]

    European Nightjar3


 Sonogram of European Nightjar song

Lake Siikalahti, Parikkala, Finland  3 July 2003, 0110h

Churring from an open area of small conifers and birch within an open area of Scots Pine forestry.


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