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 Red-backed Shrike  Lanius collurio


 Sonogram of Red-backed Shrike song

Kirna Trail, Alam-Pedja Looduskaitseala, Estonia  58 32' 39.9'' N  26 14' 17.1'' E  23 May 2010  1656h

Advertising song from the top of a willow adjacent to riverside fields: quiet and subdued, like warbler sub-song with mimicry of other species. This is part of a longer recording of a bird which sang continuously for several minutes at a time.

[File name: redbackedshrike0523165659ecut]

    Red-backed Shrike

 Sonogram of Red-backed Shrike calls

Park Palacowy, Bialowieza Forest, Poland  28 June 2009, 2000h

Alarm calls.

[File name: redbackedshrike280609bialowieza]

    Red-backed Shrike2

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