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 Arctic Warbler  Phylloscopus borealis


  Sonogram of Arctic Warbler song

Neiden, Finnmark, Norway  69 42' 00.1" N  29 23' 10.3" E  19 June 2019

Singing and calling from highest branches of birch slope near stream.

Song composed of 2.05-2.76 sec strophes, each a trill of 20-27 double elements (range 2.7-5.9 kHz), sounding like a slow Eastern Bonelli's Warbler (P. orientalis). Most strophes decreasing in frequency by around 0.5 kHz. Song strophes usually preceeded by a soft, Dipper-like dzit call note (4.82-7.31 kHz). Each strophe repeated around eight times per minute.

[File name: arcticwarbler116293ecut] Click here for the MP3 file



    Sonogram of Eastern Bonelli's Warbler song

Song rate per minute



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