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 Cirl Bunting  Emberiza cirlus

 Sonogram of Cirl Bunting song

Achladeri Forest, Lesvos, Greece  39° 09' 07.7" N  26° 17' 00.7" E  20 May 2017

Territorial song from pine forest, repeated up to five-six times per minute.

Song composed of repeated 1.9 to 2.1 sec strophes, each comprising a slow trill/rattle of 29-31 elements. (Short-toed Treecreeper in background).

[File name: cirlbunting114500ecut] Click here for the MP3 file



     Sonogram of Cirl Bunting song

Song rate per minute



     Sonogram of Cirl Bunting song

Castillo de Monfragüe, Extremadura, Spain  39° 49' 40.59" N  06° 03' 03.60" W  17 June 2013

Territorial song from slope below the castle.

[File name: cirlbunting111575ecut] Click here for the MP3 file



 Sonogram of Cirl Bunting song

Monfragüe, Extremadura, Spain  5 June 2001

Territorial song from steep, scrubby slope

[File name: cirlbunting50601monfrague] Click here for the MP3 file



     Sonogram of Cirl Bunting calls

Potamia Valley, Lesvos, Greece  39° 13' 16.3" N  26° 10' 12.2" E  17 May 2017

Calling from hillside scrub.

A series of calls of two types. A high-frequency, straight-sounding Siit, and a slightly higher-frequency up then down-slurred, more piercing element. Uttered roughly every two seconds.

[File name: cirlbunting114397ecut] Click here for the MP3 file



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