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 Eastern Bonelli's Warbler  Phylloscopus orientalis


  Sonogram of Eastern Bonelli's Warbler song

Vatousa, Lesvos, Greece  39 13' 30.8" N  26 02' 39.4" E  19 May 2017

Singing from wooded hillside of Sweet Chestnut, Oak, Plane and Olive.

Song composed of short 1.0 sec strophes, each composed of a series of 9-18 repeated, downslurred elements, sounding very like the dry rattle of Western Bonelli's Warbler (P. bonelli). Song strophes interspered with 'chip' call notes consisting of a single, sharp, slightly downslurred element - completely different from bonelli (musical, up-then-downslurred 'too-eee'). Each strophe repeated up to six times per minute.

[File name: easternbonelliswarbler114491e] Click here for the MP3 file



    Sonogram of Eastern Bonelli's Warbler song

Song rate per minute



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