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 Eastern Orphean Warbler  Sylvia crassirostris


  Sonogram of Eastern Orphean Warbler song

Skala Vasilikon, Lesvos, Greece  39 07' 42.7" N  26 13' 21.0" E  18 May 2017

Singing from an Olive grove with recently tilled ground layer.

Song composed of strophes (4-5/min) of six to 10 seconds with pauses of four to five seconds between each.

Each strophe consisting of a varied, melodic, low frequency (lower pitched than Garden Warbler for example) output of both sharp and soft, upslurred and downslurred whistles (some Blackbird-like in tone), interspersed with wheezey, scratchy and churring elements, all delivered at a steady pace. Some Nightingale-like repetition.

[File name: easternorpheanwarbler114450ecut] Click here for the MP3 file



    Sonogram of Eastern Orphean Warbler song

Song rate per minute



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