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 Goldcrest  Regulus regulus


     Sonogram of Goldcrest song

Weston Woods, Somerset, England  20 May 2012  12:07h

Territorial song from mixed woodland.

[File name: goldcrest0520120708ecut] Click here for the MP3 file



     Sonogram of Goldcrest song

Wood of Cree, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland  15 May 2010, 1616h

Territorial song from spruce.

[File name: goldcrest0515161631ecut] Click here for the MP3 file



    Sonogram of Goldcrest song

Sunny Hill Park, London, England  24 February 2008, 0725h

Territorial song in Cedar, c3 metres from ground, c5 high-pitched cycles followed by rising, then falling terminal trill.





Kindrogan, Perthshire, Scotland  9 June 2008, 0422h

Territorial song in Sitka Spruce, c5 metres from ground.





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