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 River Warbler  Locustella fluviatilis


Sonogram of River Warbler song

Pogorzelce, Bialowieza Forest, Poland   52 43' 25.0''  23 48' 45.6'' E   27 June 2009, 1925h

Territorial 'reeling' song from a bird singing in small willows surrounded by long, damp grassland.

[File name: riverwarbler270609apogorzelce] Click here for the MP3 file



 Sonogram of River Warbler song

Lake Siikalahti, Parikkala, Finland  3 July 2003, 0130h

Territorial reeling (14 single elements/second) from a damp area of young birches along the course of an old railway line through a conifer plantation, now just an overgrown ride in the forestry. Bird distant, hence poor sonogram.




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