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 Rüppell’s Warbler  Sylvia rueppelli


  Sonogram of Rüppell’s Warbler song

Kavaki, Lesvos, Greece  39° 20' 45.1" N  26° 10' 15.4" E  24 May 2017

Singing from scrub on a rocky coastal headland.

Song composed of strophes of one second interspersed with long pauses up to 15 seconds. Note that strophes are normally longer, but song output probably decreased at this stage of the breeding season.

Each strophe consisting of a rapid, chattered, scratchy warble (Sardinian-like) of churrs, sharp whistles and clicks but overall narrower frequency range than Eastern Subalpine so sounding lower in pitch.

[File name: ruppellswarbler114591ecut] Click here for the MP3 file



     Sonogram of Rüppell’s Warbler song

Song rate per minute



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