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 Common Snipe  Gallinago gallinago


 Sonogram of Snipe in drumming song flight display

Tørrvann, Finnmark, Norway  70° 27' 50.8" N  29° 01' 07.3" E  22 June 2019

Drumming Snipe over tundra marshland: territorial/advertising song, created by tail feather vibration (sonation).

Song composed of 2.6-2.9 sec strophes repeated in diving and rising display flight: a strident, wavering humming, increasing slightly in frequency before abruptly stopping.

[File name: snipe116433ecut] Click here for the MP3 file



Sonogram of Snipe in drumming aerial display

Barwick, Biebrza National Park, Poland   53º 22' 14.5'' N  22º 33' 32.4'' E    3 July 2009, 2025h

Advertising sound of a bird in aerial display flight (drumming) - a non-vocal sound produced by the rush of air over the bird's outer tail feathers. Flying a circuit c100 metres in diametre and 'diving' 4-5 times per minute. Note the striking pattern created by the harmonics from 0.22 kHz to over 8 kHz.

[File name: snipe030709barwick] Click here for the MP3 file



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