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Birds I've seen recently...


Taverner's Canada Goose at Caerlaverock WWT, Dumfriesshire 26 Dec.


Lesser Scaup at Kilbirnie Loch, Ayrshire, 24 Dec.


Sociable Lapwing at Rainham Marshes London, 10 Dec.


The Netherlands Tens of thousands of geese in Flevoland and Friesland. 2-6 Dec.


Richard's Pipit at Musselburgh Lagoons Lothian, 26 Nov.


Grey-cheeked Thrush at Northaw Great Wood Herts, 14 & 19 Nov. Also Marsh Tit, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker & Nuthatch.





Birds I've photographed recently...


Blackbird at Culzean Castle, Ayrshire 03/01


Red Kites at Loch Ken, Wigtonshire 28/12




Bird books I'm reading this month...


Birds Britannica by Mark Cocker


Birds of Tropical America by Steven Hilty


Where to Watch Birds in Tenerife by Eduardo Garca del Rey




My Top Ten 2005

 in no order

1. Scarlet-banded Barbet

2. Wallcreeper

3. Dupont's Lark

4. Bald Ibis

5. Eastern Imperial Eagle

6. Spur-winged Lapwing

7. Scarlet Macaw

8. Ornate Hawk-Eagle

9. Salvin's Curassow

10. Peruvian Thick-knee



Photographs from Loch Ken, Wigtonshire added (28/12/05).

Red Kite, Loch Ken 2005 Fraser Simpson

Red Kite, Loch Ken, Wigtonshire


Wildfowl Photographs from Caerlaverock WWT, Solway Firth, Dumfries & Galloway (26/12/05).

Barnacle Geese, Caerlaverock  2005 Fraser Simpson

Barnacle Geese, Caerlaverock National Nature Reserve


Christmas Day Photographs from Kay Park & Townholm, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire (25/12/05).

Mallard, Kay Park Pond  2005 Fraser Simpson

Mallard, Kay Park Pond, Kilmarnock


Turnstone, Oystercatcher & Eider Photographs from Stevenston Point, Ayrshire added (24/12/05).

Oystercatcher, Ayrshire 2005 Fraser Simpson

Oystercatcher, Stevenston Point, Ayrshire


Iceland Gull Photographs from Ayr, Ayrshire added (23/12/05).

Iceland Gull, Ayr 2005 Fraser Simpson

Iceland Gull, Victoria Bridge, River Ayr, Ayr, Ayrshire


Ring-necked Parakeet Photographs added (17/12/05).

Ring-necked Parakeet, London 2005 Fraser Simpson

Ring-necked Parakeet, The Wetland Centre, London


New Trip Report for a long weekend watching geese in The Netherlands (2-6 December 2005).

Friesland, The Netherlands 2005 Fraser Simpson

Siberian White-fronted Geese, Friesland, The Netherlands


Some Geese Photographs from The Netherlands (2-6 December 2005).


Bird Photographs from a lunch break in Hyde Park, London (23/11/05).

Cormorant, The Long Water, Hyde Park, London 2005 Fraser Simpson

Cormorant, The Long Water, Hyde Park, London


Amphibians & Reptiles photograph gallery updated (21/11/05). Thanks to Jorge Carrillo for IDs.


A short London weekend Trip Report added (20/11/05).

Grey-cheeked Thrush twitch, Northaw Great Wood, Herts 2005 Alistair Simpson

Grey-cheeked Thrush site, Northaw Great Wood, Hertfordshire


A few Bird Photographs from a lunch break in Regent's Park, London (18/11/05).


Bird Photographs from Grovelands Park, London (13/11/05).

Mandarin Ducks, Grovelands Park, London 2005 Fraser Simpson

Mandarin Ducks, Grovelands Park, Southgate, London



Bird Photographs from Brent Reservoir, London added (12/11/05).

Coots at Brent Reservoir, London 2005 Fraser Simpson 

 Coots, Brent Reservoir, London



A few Bird photographs from a lunch break in Regent's Park, London (02/11/05).

Feral Pigeons, Regent's Park, London 2005 Fraser Simpson

 Feral Pigeons, Regent's Park, London



Bird photographs from Welney WWT, Norfolk (30/10/05).Whooper Swans, Welney WWT 2005 Fraser Simpson

Whooper Swans, Welney WWT, Norfolk


Mallards 2005 Fraser Simpson

 Mallards, arriving in Cambridge University Botanic Gardens (taken with a Nokia 6630 smart phone).

Some Digiscoped Photographs added (24/10/05): Iceland Gull Hybrid Hooded Crow Black-headed Bunting, etc.

Robin photographs from Sunny Hill Park, London (22/10/05).

Click for macro images from the rainforest of PeruClick for macro images from the rainforest of PeruClick for macro images from the rainforest of PeruClick for macro images from the rainforest of Peru

Article: The day I saw the Scarlet-banded Barbet Capito wallacei - a range-restricted Peruvian endemic.

New Local Patch site guide added for El Mirador & the Rio Shilcayo Trail, Tarapoto, Peru.

Trip Report for Peru (Aug-Oct) coming soon here.

Record image of the Scarlet-banded Barbet Capito wallacei with compact digicam.

Peru Photo Galleries being posted.


Egrets & Cormorants 2005 Fraser Simpson

 Great Egrets & Neotropic Cormorants, Rio Ucayali, Eastern Peru


New photos: Dark Green Fritillary Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Six-spot Burnet   Emerald Damselfly.

New Butterflies & Dragonflies site guide added for Barony Pit, Auchinleck, Ayrshire (29/07/05).

Trip Report for Northern Greece (inc. Lake Kerkini, Dadia Forest, Mount Olympus, Evros Delta, Porto Lagos, etc)

Landscape & Habitat photographs from Northern Greece.

Bird photographs from Northern Greece (Spur-winged Lapwing, Isabelline Wheatear, White Pelican, etc.).

Phonescoped images from Northern Greece inc. Rock Thrush, Squacco Heron, E. Black Vulture (10/06/05).

Amphibian & Reptile photographs from Northern Greece: Hermann's Tortoise & Spur-thighed Tortoise.

Little Egret 2005 Fraser Simpson

 Little Egret, Lake Kerkini, Greece


Phonescoped photographs with Nokia 6630 from London Wetland Centre WWT added (19/06/05).

Link added for Ayrshire Bird Report 2004 advertisement

Site Guide for Kay Park & Townholm in Kilmarnock updated.

New Trip Report for Kindrogan Field Centre, Perthshire (3-10/06/05).

Common Sandpiper, Swallow, Pied Wagtail & G. S. Woodpecker photographs from Kindrogan Field Centre.

Common Sandpiper 2005 Fraser Simpson

 Common Sandpiper, River Ardle, Perthshire

New Moth Photographs page started with Emperor & Red-necked Footman.

New photos: Small Heath Common Frog Red Squirrel   Fallow Deer Alpine Mouse-ear Alpine Bistort.

Acknowledgements page added.

Links page updated with Fatbirder Top 500, Surfbirds, Charlie's Bird Blog, etc.

Green Woodpecker photograph at Kew is Birdguides 'Photo of the Week' 02/06/05.

New Phonescoping photograph page started (cameraphone coupled to a telescope).

Common Tern, Geese & Grey Heron photographs from Walthamstow Reservoirs, London (30/05/05).

Broad-bodied Chaser photograph from Cornmill Meadows Dragonfly Sanctuary (29/05/05).

Green Woodpecker, Jay, Nuthatch, Pheasant & Little Grebe photographs from Kew, Surrey (28/05/05).

New photos: Mandarin Ducks on Epping Forest pools (23/05/05).

Raven, Gannet, Turnstone, Ringed Plover & Fulmar photographs from Ayrshire (14/05/05).

Ringed Plover 2005 Fraser Simpson

 Ringed Plover, Lendalfoot, Ayrshire

Great Crested Grebe photographs taken late evening at Canada Water Quay, East London (10/05/05).

Kestrel & Canada Goose chick photographs from River Lee Country Park (08/05/05).

New photos: Rabbit Roe Deer Palmate Newt

Rapid Series of photographs showing a Mistle Thrush ripping out a worm, Hyde Park (07/05/05).

Coot chick photographs from Hampstead Heath - also Ring-necked ParakeetLong-tailed Tit, etc.

Moorhen chick photographs from London Wetland Centre.

New Trip Report for the Costa de la Luz, Spain with one day in Tanger, Morocco.

Photographs from the Costa de la Luz (Griffon Vulture, Calandra Lark, Lesser Kestrel, Swamp-hen, etc.)

New photos: Spanish Festoon Provence Hairstreak Moroccan Orange Tip European Pond Terrapin 

Large Tortoiseshell Wall Lizard Egyptian Grasshopper Oil Beetle various Mediterranean plants

Corn Bunting 2005 Fraser Simpson

 Corn Bunting, Zahara-de-los-Atunes, Spain

New Trip Report for Northern Spain (Wallcreeper, Alpine Accentor, Dupont's Lark, etc.)

Alpine Accentor 2005 Fraser Simpson

 Alpine Accentor, Picos de Europa, Spain

Stonechat, Yellowhammer & Turnstone photos from Ayrshire (25/03/05)

Four new photo pages from a lunch break in Regent's Park:

  1. Grey Herons    2. Coots copulating    3. Black-headed Gull with a Stickleback    4. Ducks, etc.



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