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Photos of Ivory Gull, Ross's Gull and Barrow's Goldeneye from Scotland added to Bird Photography website (01/01/07).

Photo of a Common Seal, 1.5 miles upstream of the sea, River Ayr, Ayrshire (30/12/06).

Finally added some Bird Photographs from South America - all taken with a 2MP digicam! (03/12/06).

Including the Scarlet-banded Barbet (Capito wallacei).

My bird photos will now have a new home on a separate website (26/10/06)...

Click to visit my new site


House Mouse photographs added to the Mammals gallery (30/09/06).

Arizona Trip Updates...

Photographs added to the Ampibians & Reptiles gallery (05/10/06).

 2006 Fraser Simpson

Photographs added to the Mammals gallery (05/10/06).

 2006 Fraser Simpson

California Condor, Grand Canyon 2006 Fraser Simpson

Note: this is a composite of two images from Grand Canyon, Arizona, 10/08/06.

Arizona Birding Trip Report added (02/10/06).

Arizona Bird Photographs uploaded |part 1||part 2||part 3| (23/08/06).

Arizona Birds  2006 Fraser Simpson

Phonescoped hummingbirds & Great Blue Heron (19/08/06).

Photographs added to the Habitats & Landscapes gallery (19/08/06).

Monument ValleyMonument ValleyGrand CanyonSonoran DesertMonument ValleyWilcox PlayaGrand Canyon

Some new Large Heath photographs added to the Butterflies gallery (28/06/06).

New Rabbit photographs added to replace older images in the Mammals gallery (21/06/06).

Dawn Chorus Chronology tables for Kindrogan & Dean Country Park added to sighings page (11/06/06).

New Wild Goat pictures from Ayrshire added (10/06/06).

New Trip Report for Kindrogan Field Centre, Perthshire (02-09/06/05).

New Marsh Frog pic added to Amphibians & Reptiles gallery.



Link updated for the latest edition of the Ayrshire Bird Report 2005.

 Ayrshire Bird Report 2005 Ayrshire Bird Report 2005



Phonescoping Gallery updated with Avocet, Black-tailed Godwit, Shelduck, Pheasant and Berthelot's Pipit (08/05/06).


Tenerife 2006 updates......

Atlantic Canary,  Las Lajas, Tenerife 2006 Fraser Simpson


New Trip Report for Tenerife uploaded.

Bird Photographs from Tenerife including Blue Chaffinch and Laurel Pigeon.

Tenerife Lizard photograph added to Amphibians & Reptiles gallery.



Costa de la Luz 2006 updates......

Purple Swamp-Hen in La Janda, Spain 2006 Fraser Simpson


New Trip Report for Costa de la Luz, southern Spain uploaded.

Bird Photographs from the Costa de la Luz  > Page 1 | Page 2

Iberian Water Frog photo added to Amphibians & Reptiles gallery.

Moorish Gecko photo added to Amphibians & Reptiles gallery.

Ocellated Lizard photo from added to Amphibians & Reptiles gallery.

General photo page from Zahara de los Atunes, Costa de la Luz posted.



Phonescoping with the Nokia 6280

First trial Phonescoped images using the new 2 megapixel Nokia 6280 cameraphone in Regent's Park, London.



Photos from Ayrshire added (18/03/06) and from Kay Park, Kilmarnock (19/03/06).

Mute Swans 2006 Fraser Simpson



Grey Seal photographs added to Mammals Gallery (18/03/09).



Postcard Gallery created - birds & wildlife to follow soon (17/03/06).





Photographs from London Wetland Centre WWT added (11/03/06).

Grey Heron 2006 Fraser Simpson



Photographs from River Lee Country Park, Essex added (05/03/06).

Kingfisher 2006 Fraser Simpson



Photographs from Walthamstow Reservoirs, London added (04/03/06).


Ring-billed Gull Photographs from the Isle of Dogs, London added (26/02/06).

Ring-billed Gull 2006 Fraser Simpson



Photographs from Hampstead Heath added (25/02/06).

Green Woodpecker 2006 Fraser Simpson



Phonescoping pages updated (19/02/06).



Photographs of a Common Snipe eating a worm at the London Wetland Centre WWT added (11/02/06).

Common Snipe 2006 Fraser Simpson



Laughing Gull photographs from Ardrossan, Ayrshire added (04/02/06).

Laughing Gull 2006 Fraser Simpson



Old Article from 1996 uploaded: A Year in the Garden - A Natural History Diary (01/02/06).



Article on my team's effort in the Ayrshire Winter Bird Race 2006 (14/01/06).

 Bird Race Progress Chart  Fraser Lisa Alistair



Blackbird Photographs from Culzean Castle, Ayrshire added (03/01/06).

Blackbird, Culzean Castle 2006 Fraser Simpson



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