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 Black-headed Bunting  Emberiza melanocephala


  Sonogram of Black-headed Bunting song

Potamia Valley, Lesvos, Greece  39 12' 44.2" N  26 10' 01.7" E  26 May 2017

Territorial song from patchwork of low intensive farmland and olive groves.

Song composed of 'jolting' 2.4 sec strophes repeated at a rate of five to seven times per minute.

Each strophe composed of around 15 low-pitched whistled elements, decreasing, then rising in frequency - initial elements sung hesitantly before increasing in speed of delivery.

[File name: blackheadedbunting114660ecut] Click here for the MP3 file

    Black-headed Bunting - change your settings to allow Flash to play the mp3 file


    Sonogram of Black-headed Bunting song

Song rate per minute



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