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 Bog Bush-cricket  Metrioptera brachyptera


Sonogram of Bog Bush-cricket stridulation

Thursley NNR, Surrey, England  51 10' 01.7"N  00 42' 32.6" W 1 September 2018

Song/stridulation from a male in wet heath/bog with Calluna vulgaris/Molina caerulea/Juncus spp.

A quiet and soft, continuous ticking (5 elements/sec at 22C) repeated in long bursts. Very high pitched and only audible to my ears at less than a five metre range.

[File name: bogbushcricket115199ecut] Click here for the MP3 file

    Bog Bush-cricket - change your settings to allow Flash to play the mp3 file



Bog Bush-cricket (Metrioptera brachyptera)  Fraser Simpson



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