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 Eastern Olivaceous Warbler  Hippolais pallida


  Sonogram of Eastern Olivaceous Warbler song

Tsiknias River mouth, Lesvos, Greece  39 12' 14.7" N  26 13' 35.5" E  25 May 2017

Singing from Tamarisk in low, sparse beach scrub.

Song composed of strophes of up to seven seconds sung continuously with brief two second pauses between each. Each strophe consisting of 'jerky' repetitive cycles (1.4 to 2.1 secs) of scratchy and squeaky elements slurred together, ending with slightly more musical elements increasing then decreasing in frequency. Resembling a fast Reed Warbler in its monotonous delivery.

[File name: easternolivaceouswarbler114621ecut]

    Eastern Olivaceous Warbler


Song rate per minute



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