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 Eastern Subalpine Warbler  Sylvia cantillans


  Sonogram of Eastern Subalpine Warbler song

Lardia Valley, Lesvos, Greece  39 13' 40.6" N  26 01' 42.9" E  19 May 2017

Singing from a rocky slope with a dense herb-layer of spiny plants and sparse scrub layer, draining into a larger gorge.

Song composed of strophes of two to four seconds interspersed with pauses of around four seconds.

Each strophe consisting of a rapid, chattered, continuous warble (Sardinian-like) of churrs, sharp whistles and clicks with occasional slurred wheezy elements.

Faster, with an overall higher frequency/pitch than Western Subalpine Warbler (S. inornata).

[File name: easternsubalpinewarbler114456ecut]

    Eastern Subalpine Warbler


    Sonogram of Eastern Subalpine Warbler song

Song rate per minute



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