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 Little Bunting  Emberiza pusilla


 Sonogram of Little Bunting song

Ivalo, Inari, Finland  68 40' 34.96" N  27 38' 5.50" E  27 June 2019

Singing from a clearing in a pine bog surrounded by birch.

Song composed of 1.5-2.1 sec strophes, each a series of 3-5 clear, melodic phrases consisting of trills, pure tone elements and buzzes (range 2.0-8.7 kHz). Not unlike a slow Wren. Sung one song type several times before switching to new song type.

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    Little Bunting - change your settings to allow Flash to play the mp3 file


     Sonogram of Little Bunting repertoire

Ivalo, Inari, Finland  68 40' 34.96" N  27 38' 5.50" E  27 June 2019

Repertoire of the above Little Bunting. Eight song types recorded in two hours. Singing with eventual variety, i.e. AAAA-BBBBBBB-CCCCC, etc. Note some phrases shared across different song types.



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