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 Locomotive Grasshopper  Chorthippus apricarius


Sonogram of Locomotive Grasshopper courtship stridulation

Val d'Isère, Alps, France  45° 27' 17.7" N  07° 02' 14.3" E 11 August 2019

Courtship song/stridulation from a male in presence of a female in alpine grassland at 2081 metres.

Named after its resemblance to an accelerating steam locomotive. A series of harsh chirps, initially slow and hesitant, eventually gaining speed to produce a distinctive mechanical rhythm lasting ~30 secs or more before repeating the cycle (at ~22°C).

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Sonogram of Locomotive Grasshopper courtship stridulation


Locomotive Grasshopper (Chorthippus apricarius) © Fraser Simpson

male Locomotive Grasshopper (Chorthippus apricarius), Val d'Isère, Alps, France, Aug 2019




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