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 Masked Shrike  Lanius nubicus


  Sonogram of Masked Shrike song

Potamia Valley, Lesvos, Greece  39 12' 40.6" N  26 10' 09.8" E  16 May 2017

Singing from an olive grove. Song composed of long strophes of around 30 seconds of scratchy and squeaky elements. Not unlike Eastern Olivaceous Warbler but overall narrower frequency range sounding slightly lower in pitch (though not as low and 'crunchy' as Olive-tree Warbler), longer strophes (shorter, with more pauses in EOW), faster with 4-7 elements/sec (EOW 8-10 elements/sec).

[File name: maskedshrike114382e] Click here for the MP3 file

    Masked Shrike - change your settings to allow Flash to play the mp3 file


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