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 Song Sparrow  Melospiza melodia


  Sonogram of Song Sparrow song

Scarborough Marsh, Maine, USA  43 34' 05.2" N  70 21' 32.7" W  29 June 2014

Song of descending, clear elements, followed by a trill and a higher frequency element.

Uttered from a lone tree in saltmarsh.

[File name: songsparrowLS112980ecut]

    Song Sparrow


Sonogram of Song Sparrow song

Nesowadnehunk Field, Baxter State Park, Maine, USA  45 58' 35.1" N  69 04' 41.2" W  25 June 2014

A more 'musical' song type compared with the bird above; composed of a several phrases of clear, pure tone elements.

Singing from willow scrub in open grassland.

[File name: songsparrowLS112686ecut]

    Song Sparrow


Sonogram of Song Sparrow song

Abol Pond, Baxter State Park, Maine, USA  45 50' 19.6" N  68 55' 26.6" W  27 June 2014

Song type composed of hoarse-sounding introductory elements, followed by two more musical elements and a slow low-frequency trill, ending with a more complex, fast warble.

Singing from lake-side scrub.

[File name: songsparrowLS112832ecut]

    Song Sparrow


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