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Egyptian Grasshopper (Anacridium aegptium)  Fraser SimpsonI'm currently building a small sound library of grasshopper, cricket and bush-cricket stridulations, mainly from field recordings but also from indoor terrarium recordings. Shortened MP3 versions of the original wave recordings can be sampled here. These sound recordings have been made using various pieces of gear including a short gun microphone or a stereo parabolic microphone in the field and stereo lavalier microphones in the 'lab'. Recordings have been cut and prepared for the web with MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab. Field notes and recording data, including GPS readings, are compiled in a database.

Accompanying most sound recordings is a corresponding sonogram or spectrogram for part of the sample. A spectrogram is a visual representation of sound in a graphical form with frequency (analogous to pitch) in Hertz (wave cycles of sound per second) on the y-axis, and time (in seconds) on the x-axis. Oscillograms (amplitude vs time) are included at various scales which show the rhythmic pattern of the stridulation.

 Roesel's Bush-cricket (Merioptera roeselii)  Fraser Simpson


Sounds,Spectrograms, Oscillograms & Photographs

Vineyard Mole-cricket  Gryllotalpa vineae

European Mole-cricket  Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa

Wood Cricket  Nemobius sylvestris

House Cricket  Acheta domesticus

European Field Cricket  Gryllus campestris

Common Groundhopper  Tetrix undulata

Long-winged Conehead  Conocephalus fuscus

Short-winged Conehead  Conocephalus dorsalis

Oak Bush-cricket  Meconema thalassinum

Southern Oak Bush-cricket  Meconema meridionale

Southern Sickle-bearing Bush-cricket  Phaneroptera nana

Speckled Bush-cricket  Leptophyes punctatissima

Great Green Bush-cricket  Tettigonia viridissima

Common Wart-biter  Decticus verrucivorus

Grey Bush-cricket  Platycleis albopunctata

Roesel's Bush-cricket  Merioptera roeselii

Bog Bush-cricket  Metrioptera brachyptera

Purple Meadow Bush-cricket  Metrioptera saussuriana

Small Alpine Bush-cricket  Anonconotus alpinus

Dark Bush-cricket  Pholidoptera griseoaptera

Dented Groundhopper  Tetrix depressa

Earthling Stone Grasshopper  Euryparyphes terrulentus

Egyptian Grasshopper  Anacridium aegptium

White Banded Grasshopper/Lamenting Grasshopper  Eyprepocnemis plorans

Splendid Cone-headed Grasshopper  Truxalis nasuta

Common Maquis Grasshopper  Pezotettix giornae

High Mountain Grasshopper  Melanoplus frigidus

Common Mountain Grasshopper  Podisma pedestris

Green Mountain Grasshopper  Miramella alpina

Common Digging Grasshopper  Acrotylus insubricus

Broad Green-winged Grasshopper  Aiolopus strepens

Large Marsh Grasshopper  Stethophyma grossum

Puissant's Green-winged Grasshopper  Aiolopus puissanti

Large Banded Grasshopper  Arcyptera fusca

Mottled Grasshopper  Myrmeleotettix maculatus

Rufous Grasshopper/White-clubbed Grasshopper  Gomphocerippus rufus

Club-legged Grasshopper  Gomphocerus sibiricus

Woodland Grasshopper  Omocestus rufipes

Common Green Grasshopper  Omocestus viridulus

Stripe-winged Grasshopper  Stenobothrus lineatus

Common Straw Grasshopper  Euchorthippus declivus

Meadow Grasshopper  Chorthippus parallelus

Lesser Marsh Grasshopper  Chorthippus albomarginatus

Ladder Grasshopper  Stauroderus scalaris

Locomotive Grasshopper  Chorthippus apricarius

Heath Grasshopper  Chorthippus vagans

Field Grasshopper  Chorthippus brunneus

Lesser Grasshopper  Chorthippus mollis

Bow-winged Grasshopper  Chorthippus biguttulus


Recent Sightings - British Isles



 Orthoptera illustrations  Fraser Simpson


  Fraser Simpson


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